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What IS Transformational Breathwork?

Updated: Jul 2

Transformational Breathwork is a conscious, connected, faster than normal breathing pattern. The inhale goes right into the exhale. Think of panting after a hard run. The diaphragm is used to ensure the breath stays deep. The breather creates a cyclical pattern of breath, choosing to breathe through the nose or mouth, and continues to breathe in this pattern for approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

Why would I want to do that, you might be asking? Here's why. As you oxygenate your body on your deep, enthusiastic inhale, you literally wake up to your vitality. This feeling of aliveness can inspire new creative insights and give a feeling of rebirthing yourself. You feel the powerful surge of being the creator of your life.

Stagnant energy is released not only through the relaxed exhale, but also through your body and mind. If your body feels like shaking or moving, you are encouraged to do so. A faster than normal breath is the breath that most of us are in when we've had trauma in our lives. Coming back to a faster than normal breath in a controlled, safe environment is an opportunity to release trapped traumatic energy in the body by shaking, toning (making sound) or by rewiring the brain through our ability to change the script of our past during our breathwork.

Transformational breathwork is accompanied by an emotive music playlist. The music helps build the breath to a climax and then releases into an ethereal, blissful state. The combination of breath and playlist may give the feeling of being in an altered state of consciousness to some. If so, know you are safe and see what messages you can interpret from the experience toward your own self-discovery and personal growth. Resting in the after-bliss of this breath is the perfect opportunity to bring more self-love, forgiveness, and new eyes to our old stories.

Transformational breathwork should be led by a trained facilitator and integration time should be given afterwards for self-care, journaling, talking, or creating art. Everyone will have their own unique experience with this type of breathwork. Should none of the above descriptors occur for you, just know that it is an amazing opportunity to come into the interior landscape of your body and connect with your lifeforce. Whether your mind makes a meaningful connection to the experience or not, your body, breath, and heart intelligence will.

Transformational breathwork happens only once a month so don't miss the opportunity to experience this life enhancing connection with your highest self. Sign up for our next class held from 3 to 5 pm on September 22nd or reach out to Lisa to schedule a private breathwork session today.

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