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Lisa Frank

Meet Lisa Frank

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Our Joshua Tree Poses

Lisa Frank is a certified Therapeutic Breathworker with Transformations Breathwork. She also studied with Clarity Breathwork in Costa Rica in  2019 and attended the Global Conference of Breathworkers in Joshua Tree, California, where she taught yoga to the facilitators and attendees. Lisa most recently attended the Conference of international breathworkers in Lanshut, Germany in August of 2022. She continues to train as an advanced therapeutic breathwork facilitator in order to help you experience all the benefits that your breath has to offer you. Book a private or group breathwork class today.

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 Lisa received her yoga certification from Pam Guido of Shri Yoga in 2012. Lisa teaches a flowing, open hearted yoga class that is appropriate for all abilities. She completed her Svaroopa Yoga Foundations training in June of 2022 through Svaroopa Vidra Ashram in Downingtown, PA.  In the summer of 2023, Lisa completed 150 hours of qigong training with instructor Jay Umble. Lisa enjoys bringing wellness to her community through qigong, yoga, meditation, breathwork, and book study groups.

Lisa has been a member of Moonlodge, a divine feminine group, for over 20 years. Lisa teaches at The Nest in West Reading and occasionally from The Red Tent, in her home in Shillington.

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The Nest

The Red Tent

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